Refraction Clinic

- Computerised Grand Seiko Auto Refractometer
- Inami Applanation tonometer
- Slit Lamp – Zeiss
- Keratometer
- Schiotz Tonometer

Cataract Surgery

- Topcon operating Microscope – OMS 710 – Zoom with X – Y coupling and CCTV attachment.
- AMO Sovereign – white start phacoemulsification unit
- Baush & Lamb protégé phacoemulsification unit
- Zeiss Yag Laser
- OMG 75 Topcon Operating microscope
- Appasamy operating microscope
- pulse oxymeter
- Continuous Cardiac Monitor


- Humphrey Visual Field analyser
- Inami Applanation Tonometer
- Zeiss Yag Laser
- Iridex Green Laser

Diabetic Retinopathy Clinic

- Direct and Indirect [Keeler] Opthalmoscope
- Iridex green laser

Ocular Lenses

For retinal photo coagulation, for diabetes, Glaucoma, myopia and after cataract.
1.OMRA PRP – 165
2.Mainster Focal / GRID
3.Abraham Iridectomy
4.Abraham Capsulotomy
5.Three Mirror Universal Lens

For Vitreous Surgeries

1.Vitrectomy Unit – (Baush & Lomb) protege, AMO sovereign
2.Boyle’s apparatus – Marks IV
3.Pulse Oxymeter – Falcon
4.Continuous Cardiac Monitor
5.Topcon Operating Microscope – OMS 710 – Zoom with X-Y coupling and CCTV attachment
6.OMS – 75 Topcon operating Mircoscope
7.Appasamy operating Mircoscope
8.AMO Sovereign – White star Phacoemulsification unit
9.Baush & Lomb protégé Phacoemulsification unit

Features at Ammayi Eye hospital

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